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Stove Identification

Identifying Your Stove


Unsure of which stove you have? Need Spares?

Not to worry, there is some informaton which can help us identify your stove and help us supply spare parts.

The Information we would require is as follows:

* Stove Manufacturer, e.g Aarrow, Charnwood, Morso
* Model Name e.g Country 4, Squirrel 1430 etc
* Serial Number (where applicable), GB12345C

The location of this information will vary depending on the make & model of stove, the make and model and sometimes the serial number will be printed in the operating and instruction manual that came with the stove and most manufacturers will have a data plate fixed to the stove in addition to this.  The data plates are normally hidden from view, the most common places to find the data plate are the sides, rear or undersides of the stoves ash lip. These plates will normally give you the make and model and a serial number.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the information above due to to the stove being a very old stove and it not having a dataplate or being inherited and no information was left with the stove, or it could even be an imported stove with little information supplied. We can sometimes help if the following information is supplied:

* Size of door glass panels (Measuring the whole glass from the inside of the door) in mm
* Single or Double Door any distinctive features or markings (e.g Yeoman stoves have a Tudor Rose on them)
* Approx age of the appliance
* Casting numbers (But not patent or British standard numbers)
* Design and layout of Internal components
* Photographs and pictures

Unfortunately we are unable to determine the details of a stove from its size.

In order to try and help identify the stove you have, we have a section on each of the stove manufacturers that we deal with and in this guide we will show you where to find the data plates and even where possible, pictures of doors to so you can match this to the stove you have.

To view this guide simply use the Menu navigation at the top of the page under "Stove Identification" or simply click the manufacturers name from the list below:


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