Morso Squirrel Stove spares (1410/1430/1440)


The Morso Squirrel stove is a stove that has never gone out of fashion and is still amongst the best selling Morso stoves.

The Morso Squirrel comes in 3 different models and although they are different stoves with little differences the main body and spares are the same and have not changed for years and years meaning supply of stove spares for the Morso Squirrel is readily available which makes the Morso Squirrel and a great stove to buy as its not likely to become outdated as its last 30+ years already!

Morso Squirrel Models:


  • Morso Squirrel 1410 - The standard model which has 2 circular air controls located at the front of the stove and allows air in to the stove from the front of the stove

  • Morso Squirrel 1430 -  Called the "Cleanheat" model this version only has 1 spinner on the front of the stove but has a lever below the ash lip which is connected to the rear of the stove and allows air from the rear of the stove.  By retrieving air from the rear of the stove allows the air to preheat as it is drawn to teh front fo the fire box ensuring any excess flue gasses are burned off giving a "Secondary Burn" which increases heat efficiency and allows the air to hit the glass in a warmer state which ensures the glass stays cleaner for longer.

  • Morso Squirrel 1440 -This is the convection model which effectivly is a 1430 but on stilt like legs.  These legs have a air trap within the legs to take in cold air and as it heats up it is expelled out through the top grills to give better distribution of natural heat.

Morso Squirrel spares:

Due to our bulk purchasing we are able to obtain very good discounts on many of the Frontline spares for the Morso Squirrel stove and we are able to pass on some good discounts to our customers.

We have also developed our own aftermarket vermiculite fire bricks which offer far better insulation properties compared to the outdated "Clay" type bricks that were original used.  Our Morso Squirrel Bricks have been produced by our state of the art CNC routing machine to ensure the bricks are 100% accurate to the clay original including the angle parts on the top of the brick.  We guarantee the bricks will fit perfect or we will refund your money.

Most Popular Morso Squirrel spare parts:

Below is a list of our most popular spare parts for the Morso Squirrel stoves: is the UK's largest independent stove spares suppliers with LOW prices and FREE delivery.